Can I Give My Dog a Bully Stick Every Day?

Bully sticks for dogs have been a top favorite of most pet owners, but, for beginners, can you give your dog a bully stick every day? Ever since the introduction of bull pizzles in the dog market and community, it has been one of the most popular natural dog treats. The question is, “is it safe for everyday consumption?

Bull pizzle or bully sticks are natural and single-ingredient dog chew, which makes them safe even if you give it to your dog every day. However, dog owners must stick to the recommended amount of consumption per day. Some veterinarians would recommend at least once a day, but it still depends on the dog breed. Note that any dog treats should not make up more than 10% of the total daily calorie intake if your furry friend.

Bully sticks are highly durable, boredom-busting, and stress-reducing treats made of 100% beef muscle. However, you must ensure that you give just the right amount of bully sticks for your dogs. So, how do you feed your furry pal a bully stick safely? For most information about safety feeding, we will give you some tips to keep in mind when offering this dog treat.

Does Bully Stick Contain Animal By-Products?

Bully sticks don’t have any animal by-products. However, these dog treats are technically animal by-products. Most pet owners avoid buying dog foods with animal by-products, but bully sticks are a whole food source, which means it has nutritional content. 

Animal by-products aren’t as harmful as what anyone else thinks. In fact, it is rich in healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Therefore, it is one of the healthiest things that you can feed to your pet that is unfit for human consumption. However, the problem with animal products in pet food is that they have inconsistency in ingredients. It may also have compromised nutritional value depending on the manufacturer.

Another disadvantage of by-products is that it requires high temperatures in cooking. As a result, most nutrients and proteins are no longer usable once it reaches your dog’s stomach. Overall, animal by-products like bull pizzles can be a nutritious treat for your dog’s diet. However, you must give the recommended amount of bully sticks for dogs.

Is Bully Stick Safe to Chew?

One of the most common issues that pet owners worry about is bully sticks for dogs, and other dog treats are the possibility of choking or may become a lodge in the throat. Moreover, it may also cause intestinal blockages that require abdominal surgery to remove it. Well, these cases can happen without proper supervision from the pet owner. Therefore, for a bully to be safe, it requires attentive control and overseeing from you as your dog chews this treat. 

Fortunately, bull pizzle is 100% digestible. It means that it will break down easier in your pet’s system. As a result, there are fewer risks of having blockages in the stomach or intestines. However, take note that your dog may still be at risk of choking. Make sure to look out for your pet while chewing, especially dog breeds that are very powerful chewers or those who love ripping off pieces of dog treats quickly.

You don’t have to worry if the dog breed is an average or finesse chewer because the risk of having any accidents is low. Regardless of the dog breed’s size and age, watch your dog when chewing bully sticks. Then, make sure to remove it once it becomes too small to avoid any accidental swallowing. 

Recommended Bully Stick Portions Per Day For Some Dog Breeds

The recommended bully sticks portions and calories intake usually depends on the weight and type of dog breed. In this table, you will see the recommended bull pizzle portions for some dog breeds. We’ve also added the calories for dog treats per day. 

Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua7 lbs. and above17.5 Cal1 Inch
Miniature Dachshund11 lbs. and less16 to 22 Cal1 to 1.5 Inches
Miniature Poodle, Shih Tzu, Pug9 to 18 lbs.23 to 38 Cal1 to 2.5 Inches
Standard Dachshund, Beagle16 to 32 lbs.34 to 60 Cal2 to 4 Inches
Bulldog40 to 50 lbs.50 to 75 Cal3 to 5Inches
Labrador Retriever, Boxer50 to 80 lbs.60 to 120 Cal4 to 8 Inches
German Shepherd75 to 95 lbs.130 to 165 Cal8 to 10.5 Inches
Rottweiler85 to 135 lbs.108 to 302+ Cal9 to 15 Inches
Mastiff120 to 180 lbs.156 to 305+ Cal10 to 20 Inches

The 5 Best Bully Sticks of 2020

Let’s take a look at the five best bully sticks of 2020. We all know that bully sticks are from beef muscles, specifically the penis. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you buy bully sticks only from trusted manufacturers. With these bull pizzles, you can be sure that your furry pal will be happily chewing these dog treats.

1.Natural Farm 6-Inch Odor Free Bully Sticks

With Natural Farm’s method of creating bull pizzles, you can always be sure of its quality. Fresh from the farm grass-fed beef, and delivered to the brand’s high food-grade facility where they clean bully sticks only with pure water. The oven-baked process of cooking these bully sticks for dogs preserves the nutrients of this dog treat. Voila! Your dog will definitely love the quality that Natural Farm offers.

For every bully stick, expect 100% all-natural beef and good bully sticks, unlike any other source. Moreover, you can trust that it is free from grain, hormone, and other chemicals that care for your pets. Like dog treats made from beef tendon or pig ears, Natural Farm Bully Sticks can also stimulate jaw muscles while removing harmful plaque buildup. As a result, your dog will have cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Aside from 6-inch packs, you can also choose from different sizes like 7-inch, 12-inch, extra thin, standard, or jumbo bully sticks. With 20 or 25 bully sticks per pack, you will never run out of dog treats for positive rewards, behavior training, or even for calming your dogs.

2.Jack&Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks 

If you want thicker bully sticks, Jack&Pup got it for you. Sourced of top-quality grass-fed and free-range cattle, expect premium-grade bully sticks. Moreover, each bull pizzle has no added hormones or antibiotics, making it odor-free and a better tasting treat. Furthermore, you can trust its quality, processed in a USDA Human Grade Certified, and Inspected facility.

To ensure quality and the perfect consistency, the manufacturer promotes handpicked and well-inspected bully sticks. Without a doubt, your canine will love its fresh and meaty flavor. Moreover, it is 100% digestible, which ensures that it will not cause any side-effects. Careful and natural preparations of the bullies effectively remove all bacteria and toxins, rendering their consumption fully healthy.

Support your dog’s dental health with Jack&Pup Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks. Each bully pizzle ensures consistent thickness that would last longer compared to standard bully sticks. Keep your dog occupied for many hours, while chewing a savory beefy and flavorful dog treat. Maintain the freshness of their breath and cleanliness of teeth without using any harmful chemicals.

3.Nature Gnaws Extra Thin Bully Sticks

Here’s another natural bully stick made by Nature Gnaws. It is a single-ingredient dog chew made with 100% natural grass-fed and premium quality beef. Therefore, each bully stick ensures high protein, grain-free, and low odor. Moreover, Nature Gnaws at making these bully sticks undergo cleaning with water and oven-baked to perfection. It also comes in twisted appearances with no additives or artificial ingredients.

The 5-step safety process includes through steps for better bully sticks result. It starts from fresh raw material sourcing to guarantee premium dog treats. Then, irradiation and professional lab testing ensures the cleanliness of every bull pizzle. Next, hand packaging guarantees a meticulous process of packing the bully sticks. Finally, the UV Disinfection facility provides that there are no left unwanted bacteria on the item. 

Daily chewing of Nature Gnaws Extra Thin Bully Sticks helps in reducing plaque and tartar. As a result, it ensures healthier and stronger gums and teeth. So, eliminate bad breath on your dogs with these bull pizzles. All dogs will love that tasty beef flavor, and chewy goodness of Nature Gnaws Extra Thin Bully Sticks. However, since it is thin, it requires extra supervision as your dog chews this dog treat.

4.Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks is a whole new class of dog chew with wholesome nutrition essential for all dog breeds. Barkworthies responsibly source pure, nutrient-rich, and deliciously satisfying ingredients only from the finest and safest regions around the world. You can be sure that the high-quality standards guarantee that every bully stick will make your dog happier and healthier.

Made from premium grass-fed beef, Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks offers you all-natural dog treats. It is perfect for your canine friend, especially every pack, rich in protein and free from grain. Gone are those bad odors, because these bully sticks by Barkworthies won’t leave any foul smell in the air. Moreover, your dog can chew it for hours.

Aside from supporting dental health, these bull pizzles are also great for digestion. From puppies to large dog breeds, if quality and holistic care are your priority, Barkworthies’ bull pizzles are for you. Wholesome and straightforward, these are the essential characteristics that make Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks standout on its competition.

5.BRUTUS & BARNABY Bully Sticks for Dogs

When it comes to diligent manufacturing of bully sticks for dogs, Brutus & Barnaby manufacturers guarantee it. Every bull pizzle offers quality and rich flavor on every chew. Moreover, it is fully digestible so that there would be no splintering or crumbling, unlike other dog treats. 

As a pet owner, you should know that dog treats must not have bleach to alter the natural color. Brutus & Barnaby knows it and promises the most delicious and healthiest bully sticks from premium materials. So, scrape away your dog’s tartar with these bull pizzle. Choose different thicknesses, depending on your dog’s weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Only give bully sticks to your dogs according to the dog breed’s weight, size, and age. Furthermore, let us answer some of the most common questions about bull pizzles from other pet owners.

How long should a bully stick last?

The life of bully sticks depends on the manufacturer, but it usually lasts for two years or more. Therefore, it is essential that you only buy from bull pizzle manufacturers that guarantee quality and premium ingredients to ensure prolonged shelf life. 

What if a dog eats a bully stick?

Most bully sticks are digestible, which means it is safe for consumption. However, it would be another story if the dog accidentally choked on the bull pizzle, and got stuck on its throat. In this case, you must go immediately to a veterinarian. It is essential to understand your dog’s behavior when it comes to chewing to find the best bully stick quickly. 

When should you remove a bully stick?

Bully sticks for dogs are safe for any dog breed regardless of age and size. However, you need to know when is the right time to pull the bull pizzle away. As much as possible, do it when it gets whittled down to a piece small to avoid any choking hazard. It is a must, especially for pups or other dog breeds that have low patience.

Bully sticks for dogs may be controversial for some pet owners, but it also has benefits for your dog’s dental and overall health. There’s no try in harm in trying for as long as you supervise your dogs when chewing bully sticks. More importantly, ask a veterinarian about the recommended daily intake of these dog treats. Why are they called bully sticks? Find out here.

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